446.56 surveyed acres located on the north boundary of the famous CASI site. CASI is the home of the
famous Chili Cook off in South Brewster County. There is recorded easement thru CASI to get into the
main part of the property. There is also a small part of the land on the Mariposa Mine Road where the
sellers set up a small metal covered camp site with small water catchment system and rock fire pit. From
there they put in some improved hiking trails that go up to a high point overlooking the box canyon part of
the property and another trail that leads down into one of the arroyos. Wet weather Wells Creek runs thru
the property. There is an old very deep water well, no clue if it can still produce water or not.
There are several old mine shafts on the property that have been sealed by the state for safety reasons.
Several old dams on the property that are silted in, the appear to be in good shape, so if the silt was
cleaned out they would probably hold water again. Several natural rock basins (Tinajas) that collect and
hold water during the rainy season.

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Pictures were taken on two different dates. Some right after the rainy season, and some just a few days

Aerial video is pretty long, but worth watching!
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